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Custom agency services also available: Merch design, Tour design, Branding, etc.


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Meet Your Flyer Designers

Flyer graphic design artist Joseph Albany Jr.

Joseph Albany Jr.

Flyer designer Martin Gawlak next to rhino beetle mural

Martin Gawlak

Our current in-house designers are young up-and-comer Joseph Albany Jr. and seasoned touring artist Martin Gawlak. Joseph's design style is open and smart. He gives you access to the space in his mind while also being able to pay attention to great professional design techniques for business and artist flyer design needs. He is the backbone. Martin is a recording and touring artist that was forced into developing great design technique throughout his years as an artist and entrepreneur. His style is either super simple or super off-the-wall. Your pick.

Flyer Templates

Choose between our six flyer design veins. Your flyers will be made in that style, but very different from the samples you see. They are strictly for you to choose your taste or your fans/customers' taste. Colors will change. Fonts will change. Flyer will change.

Flyer Maker EDM flyer template purple
Flyer maker - EDM flyer clay
Flyer maker - EDM flyer slate
Flyer maker - EDM flyer neutral

Electric/Future Flyers

Great flyer design style for EDM events for sure, but great for any act that has a futuristic or electronic sound including math rock, hyper-sampling, or live producers.

Flyer maker live band black yellow
Flyer maker live band orange
Flyer maker live band purple
Flyer maker live band orange and black

Spotlight/Solo Flyers

This vein is great for solo/singer-songwriter acts, and front man based bands. Flyer style also works for hosts and comics.

Flyer maker - Band tour flyer black
Flyer maker - Band tour flyer blue
Flyer maker - Band tour flyer orange
Flyer maker - Band tour flyer yellow

Band/Tour Flyers

If you're in a band going on tour or spotlighting your big hometown show then this flyer design style might work. It's about the experience your fans will have while also spotlighting your movement.

Club flyer
Flyer maker - Club flyer gold
Flyer maker - Club flyer magenta
Flyer maker - Club flyer ocean

Club/Lounge Flyers

Standard, higher dollar but lower risk flyer design style for clubs, restaurants, and lounges. This vein focuses on what your patrons can expect as soon as they walk into the door. Drink specials and all.

Flyer maker punk or diy
Flyer maker - Punk flyer lava
Flyer maker - Punk flyer puke
Flyer maker - Punk flyer horror

Punk/DIY Flyers

Don't be fooled by the symmetry in this sample flyer template. If you want wild we'll give you wild. Lo-fi, low-res, and lowbrow flyer designs from the depths of everyone's taboos.

Flyer maker hiphop, rapper, or dj
Flyer maker - Hiphop flyer corn
Flyer maker - Hiphop flyer money green
Flyer maker - Hiphop flyer blood

Rap/DJ Flyers

Whose time is it? Pave your lane and build your following with a big pic and big message. Urban is a white people keyword for "black" but we all know it really means doing your own thing at all costs.


Flyer Printing



1,000 Flyers - Designed(edits included), printed, and shipped. Two-sides, full color, gloss coat.

Flyer Ideas

Interested in hiring both Joseph and Martin to visually brand your tour, venue, or merch line? We love exercising our design chops to create a look for your campaign and get more in depth in the design process. If you want an expert service by people that are in the trenches every day serving people, you can hire our team for a fair, premium price. You still get unlimited edits. Logos, tshirts, company branding, website, just ask.

Website - $3,000

Logo - $500

Apparel, large (shirt, hoodie, jacket) - $1,000

Apparel, small (beanie, sticker, patch) - $300

In depth company branding - $10,000+

Premium company branding - $4,500

Email for consult or custom bundles.